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Lord Finesse and friends at Rockwell House

Lord Finesse and friends at Rockwell House

On the 18th December 2014 we welcomed the man that needs no  introduction. One of the Godfathers of Hip Hop who has produced tracks for the likes of Dr.Dre & Gangstarr; Lord Finesse. Support on the night came from crowd pleasing crew The Moose Funk Squad and high energy duo Too Many T’s. And although there were a few technical difficulties, they put the crowd in good stead for the rest of the night ahead.

Lord Finesse was down to give us a hip hop heavy DJ set with pal and DMC champ DJ Precision, but treated us to a live performance of 2 of his signature tracks. It was epic. It was more crowd quality with a lot of faces that we hadn’t seen before. This was the perfect 2nd to last event we could have had here on the Rockwell rooftop. Big thanks to Babu for being the main connector.

Live painting on the night came from the renowned Simon Davis (2000AD artist) & Rockwell House’s Jim Vision who provided us with a slightly scary but  very festive backdrop to the night.

Take a look at some of the shots taken by Sonia Sharma on the night. Video coming soon…




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