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Beehive Place – It’s all about the British

Beehive Place – It’s all about the British

We headed over to Brixton on Friday night to check out Beehive Place; a pop-up restaurant & bar that pride themselves on producing the finest food and drinks from ethically sourced, strictly British ingredients.

Brought together by the good guys at Chateau Marmot, head chef Sam Hodges (Soho House, St John), and cocktail crafting extraordinaire Jeff Stuit (Floripa, Bonnie Gull), the team have created a concept restaurant that not only brings together simple and beautiful food, but sits as one of the finest examples of how the food industry should be operating.

Hodges researches the cream of the crop, and includes ingredients that some people may never have heard of, for example chicken foot (which is actually a leaf, not a foot) and finds new ways of blending British ingredients together that gives the British palette a totally fresh look and taste. We were particularly wowed by his beetroot cured salmon and pearl barley with Neal’s Yard goats curd. Divine.

On the drinks side, Stuit has teamed up with Platterform’s Kevin Darcy and the pair are creating magic. Blending together the kitchen’s ingredients to create their own shrubs, bitters and infused alcohols such as a chocolate mint bitter and a sloe berry gin, the drinks push the boundaries of your standard yummy cocktail and take you on a journey of flavours. They also offer a wine pairing menu to buddy up with each course of your carefully selected dinner.

The drinks and food work in complete harmony together and the whole experience of the restaurant and everything they’re doing there is incredibly refreshing.

Following our #SavetheBees article (EndoftheLine) which highlights the issues with mass producing farms that use environmentally harmful chemicals, we look to these small business that are carving the way for practice to come. The restaurant supports and showcases small producers around the UK and features them on their Twitter page so you know exactly where your food has come from and how they are making a difference in ethically sourced produce.

The Beehive menu is totally seasonal and changes every week. An example of their 5 course tasting menu can be found on their website along with a small description of the full experience that they provide.

The Beehive experience in this gorgeous, unique little venue is situated down Beehive place, SW9. It is only open until the 16th April, so we strongly recommend getting down there pronto to check out the future of dining experiences.

See their website here for bookings and details.



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